Myśli i słowa…

Wpisy z okresu: 7.2017

smooth waves
taking care of
small boat skin


terrible sounds
became around


waves of the wind
are abducting
wooden peel
from calmy dream

bathing with storm
harassing existence

fall in the deepest
muted appeal

about relief…


rose petals…
on your cheeks

your sweet smile
of my heart

fresh breath of your eyes
touching strings of my soul
creating delicious

melody of love…


whatever you think
about this world
whatever you do
for others…

don’t be afraid

some things just happen
some things around you

misunderstanding is everywhere
never-ending story
of the hard life…

don’t be afraid

you are strong enough
to live your life

as you are special one


fluff from their wings
around me

sweet angels
are there
where I am

are there…

their hi
or hello
creating smile
on my face

just because…

sweet angels
are there
where I am

to taking care…


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